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Kayla Carter is…

 Kayla Carter is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, and healer. She is a Toronto-based black, disabled, femme who is of Jamaican, Cuban, and Maroon ancestry and believes that her existence is not accidental, but very deliberate. Her 10 years of work focuses on ancestral and intergenerational trauma, shame, healing, queerness, race, gender, disability justice and what it means to be unabashedly human. 

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Ongoing Projects

Kayla is the founder and executive director behind The Black Artist Market Toronto, an artist market dedicated to Black Artist in Toronto. She is also the creator behind The Clearing by K.


Got Reiki?

As an intuitive reiki practitioner, Kayla works with her clients to unpack where they are holding trauma and hurt. All while taking an intersectional approach to understanding how these things came to be. Part of Kayla’s practice as a healer is dedicated to producing new ways to inspire and affirm those of us who have been convinced out of our right to heal.

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The will be launching on soon .. stay tuned


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