The Black Artist Market

The Black Artist Market a.k.a. #BAMTO was born from frustration with the anti-black racism in the artist community in Toronto. It was born out of a being exhausted by the struggle of trying to survive as a Black artist in Toronto. It was born out of a yearning to see all artists in Toronto come together. Finally, it was born out of a need to honour the brilliance of the
Black Artist.

#BAMTO is dedicated to Black Art in the Toronto area. It can also be extremely lonely and isolating as a
Black Artist to be in spaces that allow us to participate, but do not prioritize or understand our experience.

This event is the first of it's kind. It takes a whole new spin on what an artist markets can be. There are DJs spinning
live at the event, and a diverse set of vendors. Also the market is interactive and specifically curated for the event.

#BAMTO is so much more than some folding tables and chairs. It is a cultural hub for the Black Artist. It is a space for self- determination, and self-love for the Black Artist.

Above all else, The Black Artist Market is a space for Black Artists and by Black Artists.

The Clearing By K

As the force behind her podcast, the clearing by k, Kayla unpacks and demonstrates the ways storytelling is a powerful medium of healing by interviewing artists, healers, creatives and those who have something to say.